Being a boutique firm, we are able to work with any size business. We work with small local sole operators, through to large multinational corporations. As we are an independent firm, we are also less likely to run into conflict of interest issues, which appear to be on the increase with recent large firm merges.



In short, we protect brands, inventions and other creative and written works through tailored intellectual property services. We deal with all aspect of intellectual property  including patents, trade marks, designs and copyright. We also handle IP litigation matters in coordination with our associated law practice ChrysLegal.



For nearly 30 years, Chrysiliou IP has been providing professional and personalised intellectual property services via a strong team of experts in our boutique Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney practice. Our offices are location in Sydney & Melbourne but we can work with anyone in just about any corner of the globe.


What our clients have to say…

“Thank you for taking on this case. Your wealth of experience and knowledge was a real turning point in this case; I really appreciate your entire attitude and handling of the situation. A big thankyou to you and everyone…”
Australian Corporation
“Please know your hard work and efforts are always greatly appreciated.” … “Your attention to detail is superlative”
Large Global Technology Corporation
“Sheer genius”
USA Law Firm
“Wow – what a turnaround”
USA corporation after transferring a case to us
“I can’t say enough about the skillful manner in which you diligently…”
Australian Corporation
“I thought the…..you came up with was quite ingenious and very much on target”
USA Corporation
“In our game there is high technical expertise which is readily discernible. Equally, if not more important is craft, generally not recognised as a professional skill, let alone being observed. It has been of immense benefit to … and to me to have both so patently in action on our behalf in what you have done for us. We are very grateful and appreciative. Thank you.”
Australian Commercial Lawyer

if you could not protect creativity, would anyone continue to invest in creation?